Senior Wing

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Senior Wing
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The Senior Wing Buildings
Classes 9 - 12
Dormitories Eight
Houses Four
House Captains Four
House Prefects Five
Cotton and Milman Halls from Top Field
Cotton and Milman Halls as seen from Top Field

Senior Wing comprises the students upwards of class 9 and the buildings catering to them, along with the administrative block.


  • Main Building: The first and Second floors serve as dormitories.
  1. Lyon Hall Main, Lyon South, Lyon East are the three dorms on the first floor for students of classes 9 and 10
  2. Cent East and Cent West are the two dorms on the second floor for students of classes 11 and 12
  • Cotton Hall: Located above the prep hall and houses students of classes 9 and 10
  • Milman Hall: Located next to the Cotton Hall building and houses students of classes 11 and 12. It also has a balcony overlooking the Top Field
  • Westcott Hall: Located above the Dining Hall and accommodates students of classes 9 and 10.


Also see List of Houses

The houses in the Senior Wing are named after historical persons of the British Administration in India.

Name House Colors Named after Description
Senior Wing Clive          Lord Robert Clive First Governor of Bengal.
Hastings          Lord Warren Hastings Governor-General of Bengal (1813 - 1823).
Havelock          Major-General Sir Henry Havelock A British general, noted for his role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857.
Lawrence          John Lawrence First Baron Lawrence. The Viceroy of India from 1864 to 1869.

Prefectorial BodyEdit

It comprises nine students of class 12. Two from each house- a House captain and a house prefect, plus one 9th Prefect from any house. Among the house captains, one is a School Captain and another, the vice captain.There isn't much difference in the assigned roles of the House captains and house prefects with the functioning of their respective houses. With regard to the school, the captains are in charge of the discipline of both, Senior and Junior Wings, while the prefects, only the senior wing. The captains also preside on the main table during Lunch in the dining hall.


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This is a list of all prizes that have an award board displayed in the Prep Hall.

Name Named After
Adam's Music Prize
A.H. Miller Proficiency Medal- ISC Science
Air Force Medal for Best Public Speaker
Anil Chaudhuri Drawing Prize
Best Actor Medal- Nepali
Best Actor Medal- Hindi
Best Artist Medal
Best Craftman's Medal- Woodwork
Best Craftsman's Medal- Batik
Bishop's Medal
Carter English Essay Prize
Clarke Geography Prize
Class of '89 Economics Medal
Darjeeling Photo Stores Medal
Darjeeling Rotary Medal for Social Service (Under X)
Das Studio Prize for Consistent Good Work throughtout the Year
Dhondup Gyaltsen Medal for Best Footballer (Under X)
Gibb's Medal for Outward Bound Activities
Gal Gregory Mathematics Prize
General Virendra N.C.C. Medal
G.J. Shaw Medal for Best All Rounder (Under X)
G.V. Swaika Medal for Drama
Jack Warren Medal for Best Cricketer (Under X)
Kabra Proficiency Medal- ISC
Kamlesh Kanti Medal- ICSE Hindi
Kamlesh Kanti Medal for Photography
Karun Majumdar General Knowledge Prize Karun Krishna Majumdar
K.K. Mukherjee Medal for Best All Rounder- Class 12
K.L. Pradhan Medal- ICSE Economics
K.N. Sahgal Accountancy Prize
K.N. Sahgal Business Studies Medal
Kothari Physical Science Medal
Leslie Goddard Medal (ICSE)
Luv Kumar Ecological Studies Prize
Madhukar Rana Nepali Medal
Major Bhatnagar Medal for Brain of St. Paul's Major Bhatnagar, father of B.S. Bhatnagar
Majumdar Science Prize
Mohini Dasgupta Bible Reading Prize
Moore Divinity Medal
Nanibala Dey English Literature Prize
Nilima Bose Medal for Excellence in Theatre
N.K. Mitra Medal for Club Activities
OPA Medal for Best All Round Sportsman
OPA Medal for Social Service
Rajendra Kabra Proficiency Prize (ISC)
Rahoul Music Prize Rahoul Chaudhuri
Rai Bahadur D.N. Singh Prize- Humanities
Rajbhandari Nepali Medal- ICSE
Rector's Medal
Renuka Dang PRoficiency Medal (ICSE)
Robin Banerjee Life Science Medal
R.S. Prasad Computer Science Medal
Rudra Hindi Prize Benjamin "Guru" Rudra
Saraf Short Story Medal
Sakraney medal for Elocution
School Captain's Medal
Tower History Prize
Usha Rani Bengali Prize

Cups, Trophies and ShieldsEdit

Name Awarded for
Grindlays Bank Inter House Debating Shield
Cricket Shield Inter House Cricket Matches held during March-June.
Hockey Shield Inter House Hockey Matches held during November.
Football Shield Inter House Football Matches held during June-July.
Athletics Shield
Debating shield
Sikkim shield
Athletics Standard cup
Marathon Cup
English Elocution
Bengali Elocution
Nepali Elocution
Hindi Elocution
P.T. Cup
Badminton Cup
Table Tennis Cup
Lawn Tennis Cup
Squash Cup
Eton Fives Cup
Quiz Cup House with highest points garnered over 3 rounds of Brain of St. Paul's held over the course of the year