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Proximal To Quadrangle
Founded In 1813
Founder Mr Brian Hodgson
Wing Junior Wing
Status Functional
Purpose Residence of the Rector

The Rectory, it is said, proudly boasts of being one of the oldest buildings in Darjeeling. Built in about 1813, it is supposed to have been in existence as the residence of Jalapahar Estate when it was acquired from Mr Brian Hodgson for Rs 45,000. However, old photographs of the school show a different building than the present Rectory, at the same site. In the great Earthquake of 1897, the Rectory (and the school hospital) were damaged beyond repair and had to be rebuilt. In the Rectory garden, near the chapel slope is the Cryptomeria Japonica tree, which is said to be more than 150 years old.

Cultural HistoryEdit

"I resided at Mr Hodgson's for the greater part of the time, in consequence of his having given me a hospitable invitation to consider his house my home. The view from his windows is one quite unparalleled for the scenery it embraces, commanding confessedly the grandest known landscape of snowy mountains in the Himalaya, and hence in the world." So said Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1848, friend of Darwin[1], residing at the home of Brian H. Hodgson. [2][3]


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