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Westcott Hall

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Westcott Hall Building of St. PAul's School, Darjeeling.jpg
Westcott Hall after Hailstorm
Proximal To Quadrangle
Founded In 1920
Founder Rev. E.E. Benson
Wing Dorm: Senior Wing
Dining Hall: Senior and Junior Wings
Named After Bishop Foss Westcott
Status Functional
Purpose Ground Floor: Dining Hall
First Floor: Dormitory

Westcott Building is adjacent to the Main Building of Senior Wing and has the Dining Hall on the Ground floor and eponymous dormitory on first floor. It's named after Bishop Foss Westcott, Lord Bishop of Calcutta & Metropolitan of India, Burma & Ceylon 1919 - 1945, who was also Chairman of School Governing body.


The Westcott Hall dormitory is on the first floor and is used by students of 9th and 10th grade. It has two prefects' cubicles, one on either end of the dorm. Adjacent to the dormitory is an extension of the Hall master's flat that has a mismatching color to the rest of the structure as it is made of wood.

Dining Hall[edit]

The Dining hall is on the ground floor and caters to the meals of both Senior and Junior Wings. It also houses the School captain board list and award shields as well as paintings given to the school from old students. There are 4 groups of 5 tables each towards each end of the hall for respective houses, and a center table for the Rector, Senior Master, Bursar and House captains to preside on.


  • Westcott Building was built in 1920 by the then rector, Rev. Edward Ernest Macgowan Benson at the site of the School's first Chapel.
  • This "first" Chapel was built by Richard Carter during his tenure as Rector from 1878- 1898.[1]
  • Westcott Building was also built thanks to a liberal donation from the Maharajah of Burdwan.

School Bell[edit]

A close up of the school bell
There is also the school bell (catering only to senior wing timings) tied next to the extension and contrary to what's believed, it's not so loudly heard in the dorm as thought.
Double quote left.gifI was the Prefect on duty the day Smt. Indira Gandhi was shot, and I rang the Bell.Double quote right.gif
-Lalthan Zuala[2]

Double quote left.gifProbably the most discordant note in a Paulites life. When it tolled at 6.00 am in cold.. cold Darjeeling. Strangely don't remember if the noise was any louder in Westcott Hall. If it was, imagine the plight of the poor Dorm Master outside whose window the Bell was!!!Double quote right.gif
-Sumant Dalmiya[3]

Double quote left.gifI remember Aftab Siddiq my dear friend ringing the bell at 3.55 pm one evening as he could not wait till 4.pm to have Tea.Double quote right.gif
-Andrew Raschid[4]


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