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Tony Alfred Sullivan

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Wing Primary Wing (Until 2005)
Junior Wing
Department Geography
House Master Tenzing House (PW)
Anderson House (JW)
Hall Master Howard Block, 1st Floor
Residence Earlier, Dawkins
Years Served 1997 - 25th Oct, 2009
Spouse Mrs C.C. Sullivan

Mr T.A. Sullivan worked with utter sincerity and diligence while serving the school. Upon transfer of Mr. A. Dennis to Junior Wing in 2005, he succeeded him to the position of house master, Tenzing House. In 2006, he was sent up to the Junior wing from Primary, and taught geography. While in Junior wing, he became the house master of Anderson house and also moved from Dawkins to Millenium Block, first floor becoming the hall master there.
The Sullivans bid the school farewell on Oct 2009 to migrate to Australia in early November.