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Edinburgh Cricket Tournament
Season March-June
Level Inter School
Captain Suryaneel Dhar
Vice Captain Tashi Ghale
Award Edinburgh Cricket Shield
Recent Winner St. Paul's
Runners Up Mount Hermon

Check out the template at Template:Infobox sports. The code below renders the output as on the right.

{{Infobox sports
|name             = Edinburgh Cricket Tournament
|image            = <!--Name of Image without the "File:"-->
|caption          = <!--Caption is displayed only if Image is present-->
|season           = March-June
|level            = Inter Schoo
|captain          = Suryaneel Dhar
|vicecaptain      = Tashi Ghale
|wing             = 
|award            = Edinburgh Cricket Shield
|recentWinner     = St. Paul's
|runnersUp        = Mount Hermon