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Tenure on the Post 1991 - 2009
Preceded By J.A. Gardner
Succeeded By Carol P. Joseph
Wing Senior Wing
Department Geography
House Master Hastings House
Hall Master Lyon, Westcott, Milman, Cotton
Residence Rectory
MIC Basketball, Swimming, Scouts
Other Posts Second Master
Head Master of St. Andrews
Senior Master
Years Served 1967 - 2009
In Memory Howard Block
Spouse Mrs. Howard

Check out the template at Template:Infobox posts. The code below renders the output as on the right.

{{Infobox posts
|name              = Rector
|awards            = 
|image             = <!--Name of Image without the "File:"-->
|caption           = <!--Caption is displayed only if Image is present-->
|tenure            = 1991 - 2009
|description       = 
|wing              = <!--Primary/Junior/Senior-->
|precededBy        = J.A. Gardner
|succeededBy       = Carol P. Joseph
|showTeacherBanner = Yes
|birth             = 
|death             = 
|wing              = [[Senior Wing]]
|department        = Geography
|classTeacher      = 
|headOfClub        = 
|houseMaster       = Hastings House
|dormIncharge      = Lyon, Westcott, Milman, Cotton
|residence         = Rectory
|MIC               = Basketball, Swimming, Scouts
|hobby             = 
|otherPosts        = Second Master<br />Head Master of St. Andrews<br />Senior Master
|yearsServed       = 1967 - 2009
|rename            = Howard Block
|spouse            = Mrs. Howard
|children          =