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Template:Infobox places/example

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Howard Block
Founded In 2000
Founder Rev. D. A. Howard
Other Names Millenium Block
Wing Junior Wing
Named After Rev. D. A. Howard
Status Functional
Purpose Dormitory

Check out the template at Template:Infobox places. The code below renders the output as on the right.

{{Infobox places
|name             = Howard Block
|image            = <!--Name of Image without the "File:"-->
|caption          = <!--Caption is displayed only if Image is present-->
|type             = 
|speciality       = 
|proximalTo       = <!--Eg:Lower field, Dawkins, Gibbs..-->
|founded          = 2000
|founder          = Rev. D. A. Howard
|hallMaster       = 
|otherName        = Millenium Block
|wing             = Junior Wing
|namedAfter       = Rev. D. A. Howard
|status           = Functional
|purpose          = Dormitory
|description      = <!--Use own descretion to differentiate this from speciality-->