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Template:Infobox house

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This template is used to provide a good looking infobox for the different houses of the school. It has been designed to be useful for houses of all the three wings. Just fill the concerning values and leave the unrelated ones blank.

House Master {{{housemaster}}}
House Mistress {{{housemistress}}}
House Tutors {{{housetutors}}}
House Captain {{{housecaptain}}}
House Prefect {{{houseprefect}}}
Monitors {{{monitors}}}
Colors {{{colors}}}
House Song


For the ones that do not apply, Leave them blank. They will not appear on the main page.
For example on usage of this template, check this page.

{{Infobox house
|name             = 
|image            = <!--Name of Image without the "File:"-->
|caption          = <!--Caption is displayed only if Image is present-->
|housemaster      = 
|housemistress    = 
|housetutors      = <!--Teacher#1<br />Teacher#2<br />Teacher#3 etc.. Remember to stick to one line-->
|housecaptain     = 
|houseprefect     = 
|monitors         = 
|colors           = <!--Eg: Maroon and White {{color box|Maroon}}{{color box|White}}-->
|housesong        = <!--Enter Song in usual form between <poem style="font-size:104%"></poem> tags-->

For help on understanding the basics of how this code is written, visit Help:Infoboxes.