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Template:Infobox awards

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This template is used to provide a good looking infobox for the different awards, both individual and group/House. Applicable for all three wings. Just fill the concerning values and leave the unrelated ones blank.

Nature of Award {{{natureOfAward}}}
Given In {{{wing}}}
Awarded On {{{awardedOn}}}
Awarded to {{{awardedTo}}}
Named After {{{awardNamedAfter}}}
Award Description {{{description}}}
Past 3 Winners


For the ones that do not apply, Leave them blank. They will not appear on the main page.
For example on usage of this template, check this page.

{{Infobox awards
|name             = 
|image            = <!--Name of Image without the "File:"-->
|caption          = <!--Caption is displayed only if Image is present-->
|natureOfAward    = <!--Academic or sports-->
|wing             = <!--Primary Wing/Junior Wing/Senior Wing-->
|awardedOn        = <!--Speech Day/Sports Day-->
|awardedTo        = <!--House/Individual-->
|description      = <!--What the award is given for-->
|awardNamedAfter  = 
|past3Winners     = <!--Past 3 years winners. Eg: 2013:Hastings<br />2012:Clive<br />2011:Lawrence-->

For help on understanding the basics of how this code is written, visit Help:Infoboxes.