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Hello and welcome to this website that is a collaboration of all people willing to make as much information about St. Paul's available online, as possible. This page is designed to give you an idea of how this website is managed and how you can go about contributing to it.


This Website is a Wiki, designed using a Content Management System (CMS) known as MediaWiki. The same one that powers Wikipedia. Such Wiki websites are where even a visitor to the site can edit pages and modify content. MediaWiki editing has its own syntax which, if you've ever edited Wikipedia, you'll know about. Else, it's worth learning some to get you started. Not to mention, if you visit the edit page of any article, you'll get an edit toolbar to help you most of the tasks.


This is pretty easy to understand. If you see a blue link anywhere on an article, it means that is a link that will take you to another page. If you see a red link, then it means the link does not lead to a new page and you may contribute to creation of such missing page if you wish.


If you want to create a new page, go to New Page Creator (always available as a link in the sidebar), our new page creation helper which will give you a well laid out format for getting started with adding content to the page. Also, the Instacreate Page has a list of non existing but required pages, available at the end of the page. See if you can breathe life into an article.

Log In[edit]

It is recommended to create an account on the site before starting to contribute anything because that will help you keep track of all your inputs to the website as well as help others get in touch with you. Essentially, it will make collaboration a whole lot easier if you Create an account.

Adding Infoboxes[edit]

It is recommended to create a page via InstaCreate (New Page creator) because it provides you with a template for an infobox that adds beauty to the page and makes all the quick look up information aggregate in a nice box for the ease of reading for viewers.

Uploading Images[edit]

The Encyclopedia promotes the use of images to articles, for obvious reasons. There are ways in which you can go about doing this.

  • Upload to Wikimedia Commons: Using the category St. Paul's School, Darjeeling for the image and then link the image to this website's article you are editing just like you would normally add the image. Check the edit toolbar for help. This website will import the image and display it as if it were its own. And nobody will know... shh!!!
  • Upload Image to SPS Darj CDN: CDN stands for Content delivery network. Basically, we will host the images on a separate site owned by SPS Darj Encyclopedia (and not by Wikimedia Foundation, as in first case, although first option is more preferred) and again, this website will fetch that image for use like it were its own. This concept is called 'sharing a repository'. You should only upload images here if you know or believe that Wikimedia commons will likely remove the image because it was too small or has copyright issues. You won't face that hassle on SPS Darj's own web servers. Note: The reason images are not hosted on this website becuase it is far often edited and upgraded and so sometimes, may accidentally break. Exporting text content to a new site is far more easier than moving images. So a much stable environment is provided to host the images.


This is the place to practice some skills at editing a wiki page. DO not worry. Whatever you put here is assumed to be harmless and just like a real life sandbox, here is the Virtual one.

Adding Categories[edit]

Always remember to categorise new pages. This helps sort things out. For standard articles, usually the New page Creator (InstaCreate) will insert the category in the template of a new page. Else, there are website maintenance categories like Category:Maintenance Category (Don't remove) and Category:Maintenance Category for categories (Don't remove) serving eponymous purposes. Other viewer friendly categories can also be found at Special:Categories.

Other Useful pages[edit]

  1. SPS Darjeeling Encyclopedia:About: Get to know who set up the website and how it will stay in the future.
  2. SPS Darjeeling Encyclopedia:Help: Gives a simple idea on some useful tricks about creating a page. See sidebar for Editing Help link to learn how to edit Wiki pages.
  3. SPS Darjeeling Encyclopedia:Sandbox: To practice your editing skills without damaging anything.