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  • Whether it is for buildings, or for places, there is now a common Infobox as well as a common category. Category:Places

List of Wanted Pages[edit]

Here's a list of Wanted Pages that you could work on.

Junior Wing‏‎ (21 links), Top Field‏‎ (14 links), Primary Wing‏‎ (12 links), Speech Day‏‎ (11 links), Senior Master‏‎ (10 links), Dawkin's‏‎ (6 links), Quadrangle‏‎ (6 links), Cross Dorm‏‎ (5 links), Havelock House‏‎ (5 links), Lower Field‏‎ (5 links), Dawkins‏‎ (4 links), Lawrence House‏‎ (4 links), Tenzing House‏‎ (4 links), Sports Day‏‎ (4 links), Clive House‏‎ (4 links), Carter English Essay Prize‏‎ (3 links), Rahoul Music Prize‏‎ (3 links), Art Room‏‎ (3 links), Anderson House‏‎ (3 links), Darjeeling Photo Stores Medal‏‎ (2 links), Kamlesh Kanti Medal for Photography‏‎ (2 links), Robin Banerjee Life Science Medal‏‎ (2 links), Hunt House‏‎ (2 links), Best Craftman's Medal- Woodwork‏‎ (2 links), K.L. Pradhan Medal- ICSE Economics‏‎ (2 links), R.S. Prasad Computer Science Medal‏‎ (2 links), Air Force Medal for Best Public Speaker‏‎ (2 links), Gal Gregory Mathematics Prize‏‎ (2 links), Moore Divinity Medal‏‎ (2 links), Usha Rani Bengali Prize‏‎ (2 links), Darjeeling Rotary Medal for Social Service (Under X)‏‎ (2 links), Kothari Physical Science Medal‏‎ (2 links), Sakraney medal for Elocution‏‎ (2 links), Best Craftsman's Medal- Batik‏‎ (2 links), K.N. Sahgal Accountancy Prize‏‎ (2 links), Rai Bahadur D.N. Singh Prize- Humanities‏‎ (2 links), Anil Chaudhuri Drawing Prize‏‎ (2 links), General Virendra N.C.C. Medal‏‎ (2 links), N.K. Mitra Medal for Club Activities‏‎ (2 links), Das Studio Prize for Consistent Good Work throughtout the Year‏‎ (2 links), Leslie Goddard Medal (ICSE)‏‎ (2 links), Saraf Short Story Medal‏‎ (2 links), Gibbs'‏‎ (2 links), Bishop's Medal‏‎ (2 links), K.N. Sahgal Business Studies Medal‏‎ (2 links), Rajbhandari Nepali Medal- ICSE‏‎ (2 links), Best Actor Medal- Hindi‏‎ (2 links), Gibb's Medal for Outward Bound Activities‏‎ (2 links), Nilima Bose Medal for Excellence in Theatre‏‎ (2 links), Dhondup Gyaltsen Medal for Best Footballer (Under X)‏‎ (2 links), Luv Kumar Ecological Studies Prize‏‎ (2 links), School Captain‏‎ (2 links), Johnson Hall‏‎ (2 links), Clarke Geography Prize‏‎ (2 links), Kabra Proficiency Medal- ISC‏‎ (2 links), Rector's Medal‏‎ (2 links), Best Actor Medal- Nepali‏‎ (2 links), Jack Warren Medal for Best Cricketer (Under X)‏‎ (2 links), Eton Fives Court‏‎ (2 links), OPA Medal for Best All Round Sportsman‏‎ (2 links), G.J. Shaw Medal for Best All Rounder (Under X)‏‎ (2 links), Madhukar Rana Nepali Medal‏‎ (2 links), School Captain's Medal‏‎ (2 links), A.H. Miller Proficiency Medal- ISC Science‏‎ (2 links), Class of '89 Economics Medal‏‎ (2 links), Kamlesh Kanti Medal- ICSE Hindi‏‎ (2 links), Renuka Dang PRoficiency Medal (ICSE)‏‎ (2 links), Best Artist Medal‏‎ (2 links), K.K. Mukherjee Medal for Best All Rounder- Class 12‏‎ (2 links), OPA Medal for Social Service‏‎ (2 links), Rev. Joy Halder‏‎ (2 links), Adam's Music Prize‏‎ (2 links), G.V. Swaika Medal for Drama‏‎ (2 links), Mohini Dasgupta Bible Reading Prize‏‎ (2 links), Tower History Prize‏‎ (2 links), School choir‏‎ (2 links), Junior Wing Field‏‎ (1 link), Machine Workshop Hobby‏‎ (1 link), Evelyn Howard Prize for Elocution‏‎ (1 link), Karanjai Prize for Quizzing‏‎ (1 link), The Paulite‏‎ (1 link), Jordans‏‎ (1 link), Disawala Prize for Best Actor‏‎ (1 link), Gym‏‎ (1 link), Carter's‏‎ (1 link), Westcott House‏‎ (1 link), Naresh Shanmugham Memorial Prize for Good Conduct in Class 7‏‎ (1 link), Carters‏‎ (1 link), Betten House‏‎ (1 link), Junior Wing Art Prize‏‎ (1 link), Photography Room‏‎ (1 link), Gayatri Kanti‏‎ (1 link), Amiya Bhattacharya Memorial Prize for Musician‏‎ (1 link), Blackies‏‎ (1 link), Jyoti Kundu Memorial Medal‏‎ (1 link), Sakraney Medal for Computer‏‎ (1 link), Gerrard Van Wellingham Multi-Fitness gym‏‎ (1 link), Cable House‏‎ (1 link), Junior Wing Moore Divinity Prize‏‎ (1 link), Dining Hall‏‎ (1 link), Blacky's‏‎ (1 link), B.J. Sharma Prize for Best Sportsman in the Junior Wing‏‎ (1 link), Old Paulite‏‎ (1 link), Senior wing‏‎ (1 link), Moore Divinity‏‎ (1 link), Going Home Day‏‎ (1 link), Everest House‏‎ (1 link), Jyoti Kundu Medal for Elocution‏‎ (1 link), Old Paulite Association‏‎ (1 link), B.P. Dutta Science Prize‏‎ (1 link), Michael Datta‏‎ (1 link), Agnelo Dennis‏‎ (1 link), Saxena Prize for Quizzing‏‎ (1 link), Jack Warren Medal‏‎ (1 link), List of Clubs‏‎ (1 link), Hillary House‏‎ (1 link), Newton's‏‎ (1 link), K.N. Sahgal Prize for Bible Reading‏‎ (1 link), Mahesh Kharga‏‎ (1 link) and Dawa Norbhu Prize for Best Debator‏‎ (1 link)