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Infobox Making Help[edit]

  • This infobox also uses table. For Help, Visit The tutorial on mediawiki
  • colspan="2" tells how many columns this row will span
  • The |- symbol decides a new row of this table
  • Value for first cell in the declared row begins after | symbol in the next line
  • Successive same row cell entries go in next lines after the | symbol in that line
  • The {{!}} simply means | (pipe character) and whatever comes after it goes to the next row. Its written this way to avoid rendering-conflict. It's in active use in templates as a "magic word".
  • Content between first two | symbols does not appear in cell and this is place to write the formatting of the cell.
  • When | is replaced by ! then that acts cell acts as a heading. Apart from this, its treated as a | only
  • Anything between and will be seen only when the template's page is being viewed directly, but not when it is included in another page. This is useful when you want to include text or code in a template that you do not want to propagate to any pages which include it.
  • Anything between <includeonly> and </includeonly> will be processed and displayed only when the page is being included, but not when the template page is being viewed directly, and is useful at times.
  • Also see Help for parser function #if Here


Editing Help[edit]

Number of Articles[edit]

  • {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} gives 87
  • To find our total pages under a category. {{PAGESINCAT: Rector}} gives 16

Articles with at least one internal link are only counted as articles. See Special:DeadendPagesTopic on Mediawiki

Sumant Dalmiya[edit]

Update: All links are dead. Albums invisible
Here's the complete album page.