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The road to St. Paul's - The Best
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About this website[edit]

The website is all about a Wikipedia like information database about St. Paul's School. If one remembers the time when the content of our article on Wikipedia was shrunk to a bare minimum, they know how much we want this website.
The website will stay ad-free and if this project is successful, will survive on a mere funding of $70 per year. But for now, that's of least consideration. It's all about adding content to the website. Gradually, more administrators will be added to manage the site as it grows. The admins will be chosen based on their dedication, sincerity and contribution towards helping this site grow. Right now, in the starting phase, slight caution is maintained about vandalism and similar unaccepted behavior.
Do not for once, suppose that this encyclopedia is not as much yours as it is mine. This is an effort by a Paulite, for the paulites. We are all a big part of this community.
Let's work as team.
Let's Roll.

- Abhinav Kumar, ICSE Batch of 2011.
In case you need a little more info on me, I won the Gayatri Kanti prize in 2008.