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Richard Carter

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Tenure on the Post 1878 - 1898
Preceded By Rev. G.M. Wilson
Succeeded By Rev. E.A. Newton
In Memory Carter's
Carter English Essay Prize

Richard Carter, till his time, was the longest serving Rector. The school strength increased from 50 boarders when he started his tenure as a rector in 1878, to 200 boarders in 1898 when he retired. This number was 31 in 1864.

For all his contributions to the development and evolution of School, he rightfully deserves to be termed as the Founding Father of the school we know.


During Richard Carter's tenure,

  • School's First Chapel was built on the site of the present Westcott Hall.
  • A Tennis Court and a Cricket Field became the School's new assets.
  • In 1888, was built the Johnson Hall of the Junior Wing which is presently the oldest building built on the Estate by the school.
  • At that time a large Mound or "Green hill" was a favorite place for watching Cricket matches on what is now called the Top Field. This "Green Hill", during the later part of his tenure became the site for the magnificent buildings: Cotton and Milman Halls. completed around the end of his tenure in 1898, forming the very core of the School.