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Rev. Frederick Vincent Dawkins

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Tenure on the Post 1922 - 1928
Preceded By Rev. E.E. Benson
Succeeded By Rev. R.L. Pelly
Death 27th April, 1956
In Memory Dawkins

Rev. Frederick Vincent Dawkins was earlier the Warden (Principal) at Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore. He was a priest, administrator and a Choirmaster. He also laid the foundations of the present day Chapel.


Rev. Dawkins took upon his hands, the task to provide the School with a new Chapel, since the old one had been demolished to make way for the building of Westcott Hall. His efforts and fundraising did bear fruit and the present Chapel was built a few years after his departure. A Plaque present in the chapel expressing the School's sincerest gratitude bears testimony to his Vision, Devotion & Energy. The Mt. Vernon Estate which had been purchased by the School in the early 1900s, keeping in mind future requirements as the school expanded, was named Dawkins by a grateful school in his memory.