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Rev. Edward Ernest Macgowan Benson

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Tenure on the Post 1908 - 1921
Preceded By Rev. E.A. Newton
Succeeded By Rev. F.V. Dawkins
Birth 21st January, 1871
Death 19th November, 1935 (Aged 64)
In Memory Benson's

Rev. Edward (Ned) Ernest Macgowan Benson was the third of the seven Benson brothers. He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge where he became the "Senior Wrangler" (or highest-scoring student) when he completed his third year (Part II) of the Mathematical Tripos with first-class honours. He married May, daughter of Rev. Wakefield Suft Meade, on 23rd December, 1902. He had a son, Gerald Edward and daughter, Enid.


The role of Rev. Benson has been that of a Master Builder, who literally laid the very foundations of the School. During his time, building activity in School assumed blistering proportions.

  • First Electricity Lines in School were connected in 1909.
  • Lefroy Infirmary, built on the hill overlooking the Quad, was completed in 1914.
  • Lyon Hall/Main Building was occupied in 1915.
  • In 1920, the school's first Chapel, built during the tenure of R. Carter (1878 - 1898) and located on the site of the present Westcott Hall, was demolished to make room for the building of Westcott Hall.
  • The above activities effectively created the School's Quadrangle (QUAD), the focal point of life at School from then till today.
  • The First Building built by School between 1864 and 1877, on the site of the present Lower Field, was demolished after the above building activities to create the Lower Field.

His work was such that the School would not require another building till 1980, when it was decided to add an a Primary Wing to the school. This followed by the Howard (Millennium) Block around 2001.