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Rahoul room

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Rahoul Room
Type Hall
Proximal To Centenary Hall
Founded In 1971
Wing Senior Wing
Named After Rahoul Chaudhuri
Status Functional
Purpose TV room
Recreational activities

The Rahoul Room is on 2nd Floor of Lyon Hall (Main Building). Built in 1971, the Rahoul Room was an exam centre from December 1971 till as recent as 2005[1]. Until 1970, the Board exams were held in the library which had the only working Fireplace in School and was used when the Board Exams were taking place. Around 2002, Rahoul room was used for internal VIth Form exams (with the gym being used for ISC exams) and for some joint classes in +2 for subjects such as Economics that cut across both the Commerce and Humanities streams.[2] The (ICSE) exam center has now shifted to the old Gym near Chapel and the room now used as a TV Room.[3]The ISC exam centre is now in a different school.


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