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Pelly's Staff Quarters, St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.jpg
Proximal To Benson's
Wing Senior Wing
Named After Rev. R.L. Pelly
Status Functional
Purpose Senior Master's Residence
Master’s living quarters

Pelly's is a building adjoining Benson's building and located above the new Gym & Machine Workshop Room accessed from the main drive of the School. It serves as the residence of the Senior Master as well as a Master’s living quarters for few teachers.

The Building is in 2 parts.

  • Half the building (comprising both Ground & 1st Floors) is Residence of the Senior Master.
  • In the other half there are 2 Staff Quarters on the Ground & 1st Floors respectively.

Next door is Benson's which has 6 Master's Quarters. There is a Road next to it which leads all the way up to Dawkin's.


As per the recollections of Dilip Chatterjee (OP 1947), during the war years of 1939 - 1945:

  • This building used to house the Recreation club for the British Other Ranks (BOR's).
  • The exact legal status of the property then is not known but students not allowed on the road that led to the building till 1946.

Biraja Bhattacharya (OP 1960) recalls:

  • Mr Malcolm & Mrs Nora Elloy getting married in 1945/46 and staying here as Senior Master till about 1962.
  • Only after what is now known as the Old Art Room/Machine Workshop Room was built around 1957 and the Goddard Pavilion around 1964, that students started using the main drive to School. Earlier this road was out of bounds.