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Old Pavilion

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Also See: Goddard Pavilion
Old Pavilion
Old Pavilion, St. Paul's School, Darjeeling- Now.jpg
The present day structure
Proximal To Top Field
Founded In After 1940's
Wing Senior Wing
Status Functional
Purpose Spectator seats

The Old Pavilion and its adjacent hill slope serve as the spectator seats and prize distribution podium on Sports Day and other events. It spans the entire length of the Top Field stretching from the front gate, Goddard Pavilion to Milman Hall.


The site before construction
The pavilion did not exist during the 1940's and the Khudside slope had no trees or retaining walls as is seen now.
The Old Pavilion before trees were planted on the slope post landslide of 1950's
[1] All this was done after massive landslides that occurred in the early 1950's. (The retaining walls came up way sooner). The extended seating space came into existence after at least after 1970.[2]


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