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Old Gibbs Building

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Old Gibbs Building
Old Gibb's Building, St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.jpg
Picture from August 1997
Proximal To Top Field
Wing Junior Wing
Named After David S. Gibbs
Status Non-existent (Demolished: 1999)

Old Gibbs building was next to the Top Field as part of Junior Wing. It was demolished for Building of new Howard Block completed in 2001. Quality of construction was abysmal, so it's a mercy it was torn down.


As in 1975, [1]

  • On the ground floor, right at the bottom was a Staff Quarter occupied by Mr Phubu Tshering at the time. There was also a small Dormitory which might have had a mezzanine floor.
  • The Middle Floor (also not visible in this picture) had Classrooms for both sections of Class 5.
  • The Top Floor (visible) had Classrooms for both sections of Class 6. (Third "C" section, was introduced by Hari Dang after 1978/80)
  • In those days, there was no Primary Wing. Junior School was from class 1 to 6, and Senior School was Class 7 to 11 and then 12.
  • Also in 1975, the stairs didn't have a roof (as shown in the picture). Consequently, the students had to race up the stairs two-at-a-time in the rain.


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