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Nora Elloy

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Death Tuesday, 19th August, 2003
Wing Kindergarten and Junior One classes
Years Served 1932 - 1963 (31 Years)
Spouse Malcolm Elloy
Children Betty, Gerry, and Jeremy Elloy

Mrs. Nora Elloy, née Magry was a teacher at the School. She first arrived in St Paul’s in 1932 where she taught principally Kindergarten and Junior One classes, and where she remained until 1963, when she and her family left for England. She was in St. Paul’s together with her sister, Phyllis, also a respected teacher of the junior boys (who was to marry Ben Jansen, headmaster of the Junior School[1]).

Personal Life[edit]

In 1944, she married Malcolm Elloy, Senior Master of St Paul’s, in the Garrison Church, Jalapahar. They would have preferred to have had the wedding in the school chapel but it did not have the appropriate licence. Some students and the School choir attended the service and sang at the ceremony. Thus began a long and happy life together for these two respected teachers of hundreds of Paulites. They were blessed with three children, Betty, Gerry, and Jeremy, all three of whom were pupils in St. Paul’s.

Mrs. Elloy was a devoted President of the Old Paulite Association (Europe). She died in Brighton General Hospital on Tuesday, 19th August, 2003. She had enjoyed relatively good health until quite recently. Although advancing years did bring about increasing frailty it did not blunt her memory or diminish her enthusiasm for meeting or talking on the phone to any Old Paulite who might care to contact her. She loved speaking to them. She was thrilled to be able to attend both the reunions at the Cumberland Hotel.

The School meant everything to Mrs. Elloy. She shared its values with a deep Christian faith. She loved playing the piano and also frequently enjoyed playing the organ for chapel services. She was adored by the very many young boys fortunate enough to have been taught by her. A plaque to the memory of the Elloy's has been placed in the Chapel.[2][3]


Double quote left.gifShe was the kindest, most gentle person I have ever had the pleasure o knowing. She even recognised me after some 40 plus years when I met her at the OPA reunion lunch at the Cumberland Hotel.Double quote right.gif
-Sunil Gandhi

Double quote left.gifShe was a wonderful mother which made her a good teacher, and she was a good teacher, and that made her into an excellent mother. In her eyes there was no one boy who was so bad that she could dislike him: at worst he was only a scallywag! She always had a good word for everyone.Double quote right.gif
-Arshak Sarkissian


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