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Milman Hall

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Milman Hall (Top Field Facing), St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.jpg
Milman Hall as seen from Top Field.
Proximal To Top Field
Founded In 1898
Founder Richard Carter
Wing Senior Wing
Named After Bishop Robert Milman
Status Functional
Purpose Dormitory (1F) Classes (GF)

Milman and Cotton Halls were conceived and completed, coinciding with the end of Mr. Carter’s tenure in 1898. Earlier, the site where these buildings (Milman and Cotton Halls) now stand was a large mound, called "Green Hill", a favorite place for watching cricket matches on the Top Field. Milman Hall was named in memory of Bishop Robert Milman (1816-1876). It is said that the stones used in the School Buildings, were obtained from the Quarry alongside the Tennis Courts at Dawkin's.

While the first floor has the dormitory with two Prefect's cubicles, the ground floor has 6 classrooms. There's an adjacent building next to Milman Building which is connected by a skybridge on the first floor. This houses

  • On the ground floor the Matron's room, the Barbershop,
  • On first floor the tailor's room, NCC storage room and the Milman Hall washrooms that are accessible only via the dormitory.


Attached Building[edit]

Before Goddard Pavilion was built in 1964, "Blacky's" was on the ground Floor in the room where for long now has existed the Barbershop. Music rooms were on the 1st Floor. Both were then shifted to the Goddard Pavilion.[1] During 1968 - 1971, Bookbinding room & Barbershop (earlier Blacky's) was on the Gr. Floor. Matron's Office and Radio/Aeromodelling Hobby Room & Photography Dark Room were on 1st Floor.


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