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Machine Workshop Room

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Machine Workshop Room
Machine Workshop Room, St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.jpg
As seen while going towards Top Field
Proximal To Cross Dorm
Founded In 1957
Founder Leslie James Goddard
Other Names Old Art Room
Wing Senior Wing
Purpose Various

The room is seen after entering the School Gate on the main driveway to Top Field Gate before Goddard Pavilion on the right hand side. It is used for Machine Workshop Hobby as well as a storage and parking area.


This building first used as an Art Room, was built around 1957. Prior to this, the Art Room was located on 1st Floor of Lyon Hall (Main Building), in what is today the Lyon Hall (South) Dormitory.[1] Around 1963, Bengali classes were also held here because the art master, Mr. Sudhir Nath Munshi (Initials: SNM) also taught Bengali.


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