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Lefroy Infirmary

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Founded In 1914
Founder Rev. E.E. Benson
Wing Senior Wing
Named After Bishop George Alfred Lefroy
(Lord Bishop of Calcutta 1913 - 1919)
Status Functional
Purpose Infirmary

The Lefroy building serves as an infirmary and has a ground floor with a capacity of approx 12 beds and is a General Ward[1], while the First Floor is used more as an isolation ward for relatively infectious cases, like Chicken Pox, Measles etc. or for cases requiring greater attention from the resident Infirmary Sister, whose living quarters are also on this Floor immediately above the Entrance.

There are 58 steps with 4 Lead-Offs on the Staircase leading up to the Lefroy.[2][3] Up along the staircase pass the Photography Room, at a slightly higher level, the Art Room and adjacent to it, the Woodwork Room.


From its founding until around 1983, the Lefroy building served its original purpose (as an Infirmary) but then changes took place.[4]

  • EdenFalls (or St. Andrew's School as it was earlier known), was taken over by St. Paul's school in 1977 to form the Primary Wing in the early 1980s.
  • The Infirmary was transferred to Edenfalls in 1983 and then Lefroy building was converted, having:
  1. Physics Laboratory on the Ground Floor, brought here from its earlier location of Main Building ground floor where Master's Common Room is now located.
  2. Biology Laboratory on the First Floor, brought here from present day Woodwork Room. The room was created in early 1980s to serve as a biology Lab.
  3. The Infirmary Sister's living accommodation remained as it was, with Sister Moktan of that time living here becoming incharge of the then newly opened dispensary (MI Room) on the edge of the Top Field below the Cotton Hall Bathroom Block on the Junior School side.
  • Upon creation of Howard (Millennium) Block in 2001, the Physics and Biology labs from Lefroy and Chemistry Laboratory from Lecture Hall were shifted there.
  • Lefroy again became the school infirmary to serve the very purpose for which it was originally built in 1914.
  • Edenfalls today is virtually abandoned and School may have given up that property altogether.


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