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Junior Wing

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Junior Wing
Howard Block, St. Paul's School, Darjeeling 02.jpg
Howard Block (earlier, Millennium Building)
Classes 6 - 8
Dormitories Four
Houses Four
House Monitors Two per house

Junior wing comprises classes 6 to 8. There is a drastic change in lifestyle of students when they move up from Primary Wing to Junior wing. Like the presence of a canteen, shared dining hall with Senior Wing.



Also see List of Houses

The houses in the Junior Wing are named after either benefactors of the school or those who have been closely associated with the school.

Name House Colors Named after Description
Junior Wing Anderson          John Anderson First Viscount Waverley. Governor of Bengal (1933–1935). A benefactor to the school library.
Betten          Mr. Malcolm Betten A tea planter and a member of the Board of Governors of School.
Cable          Ernest Cable 1st Baron Cable. An old paulite and a very generous benefactor.
Westcott          Bishop Foss Westcott Chairman of the Board of Governors of School for 35 years, and whose grave is on the school compound.


This is a list of all prizes that have an award board displayed in the Junior wing corridor.

Name Named After
Amiya Bhattacharya Memorial Prize for Musician
B.J. Sharma Prize for Best Sportsman in the Junior Wing
B.P. Dutta Science Prize
Dawa Norbhu Prize for Best Debator
Disawala Prize for Best Actor
Gayatri Kanti prize for Consistent Academic Achievement in Junior Wing
Jack Warren Medal for Best Cricketer in Junior Wing
Junior Wing Art Prize
Junior Wing Moore Divinity Prize
Jyoti Kundu Medal for Elocution
Karanjai Prize for Quizzing
K.N. Sahgal Prize for Bible Reading
Naresh Shanmugham Memorial Prize for Good Conduct in Class 7
Sakraney Medal for Computer