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Hastings House

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Hastings House
House Master Mr. Michael Datta
Colors Maroon and White         
House Song

Hastings, Hastings the best house in the school
Hastings, Hastings we never lose our cool
We live it up and win the cup
While others stand and drool
And envy us in every way
While we go on the rule.

Hastings, Hastings we come in with a bang
Hastings, Hastings while _______ leads the gang
Michael, Bagchi, Vincent, Roy from the Hasting clan
With all our efforts on the field
The number one we sprang.

You will never find a house like this
Wherever you may go
Such spirit and devotion
With its usual pomp and show
Unity, Integrity are virtues that prevail
We bravely sail undaunted
Through wind and storm and gale.

Hastings, Hastings we have the prefects best
Hastings, Hastings they are better than the rest
With our dashing sixth forms
Who form the Hastings crest
And they are the ones who are always there
With their usual pomp and jest.

Hasting House is a house in Senior wing.