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Goddard Pavilion

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Also See: Old Pavilion
Goddard Pavillion (Top Field Facing), St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.jpg
A Top Field facing view of the pavilion
Proximal To Top Field
Founded In 1964
Founder Leslie James Goddard
Wing Senior Wing
Named After Leslie James Goddard
Status Functional
Purpose Canteen, Recreation, Pavilion

Building was initiated and completed during the time of Rector Mr Leslie James Goddard, the longest serving Rector of school from 1934 - 1964.


The Building faces the Top Field and has

  • The old Band Room and the Senior wing Table tennis room on the ground floor,
  • The Tuck shop called “Blackies”, the Master’s Club room and the Rector’s Box to witness matches on Top Field on the First Floor.
  • Music Rooms are located on the Second Floor of this building.

Usually the sixth forms only access the blackies via the front entrance whereas the junior students use the side staircase for this purpose, except when with parents or visitors. There's also a scoreboard here used during the cricket season for the audience to track the scores.


Original Pavilion[edit]

Not to be confused with: Old Pavilion
The original pavilion.
An earlier, Original Pavilion existed on this site[1] which was severely damaged during the Cyclone of 1945 and had to be demolished. For some years, the site was empty, till this Goddard Pavilion was built. Earlier, the Master's Quarters at Dawkin's & Sr. Master's Residence at Pelly's was visible from Top Field which the trees now obscure.

Obstacle Course[edit]

The once upon a time access to the Obstacle Course
At least around 1968 - 1971, the Red gate on the back side of Goddard pavilion gave access to the Obstacle Course located on the Khudside below Top Field. With the Howard Block coming up in 2001, this course was dismantled for the building.

New Pavilion[edit]

During the time of Mr. Gibbs, there was no clock in the tower. Just a hole.

Double quote left.gifI never managed to install a clock in the hole provided, nearly, though, when a rich prospective parent seemed interested but, after I took him up, only to find a boy having a quiet smoke there, he never appeared again.[2]Double quote right.gif
-David S. Gibbs, Rector 1964-72


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