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Gayatri Kanti prize

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Gayatri Kanti Prize
Gayatri Kanti Prize.jpeg
The Board displayed in Junior Wing.
Nature of Award Academic
Given In Junior Wing
Awarded On Speech Day
Awarded to Individual
Named After Gayatri Kanti
Award Description for consistent academic
achievement through classes 6 to 8

The Gayatri Kanti prize for consistent Academic achievement is given to a student of class 8 in the Junior Wing. This is the most prestigious academic award in the wing. The award winner is decided on the basis of least rank sums accumulated by him over the past three years in Junior wing. For this, it is a must that a student has started Junior wing from class 6 itself and new entrants in class 7 and 8 are not eligible. Only upon a clash of rank sums are the marks counted.

Past Years Award Winners[edit]

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Year Awardee
1992 Vikash Santuka
1993 Amit Agarwal
1994 Aditya Kanoj
1995 Brijesh Raj Mishra
1996 Neelay Chowdhari
1997 Momocha Thangjam
1998 Ashwin Todi
1999 Kushal BataByal
2000 Aamil Shakri
2001 Rajib Roy
2002 Shyam Murarka
2003 Mushahid Hussain
2004 Aamir Azam
2005 Saharsh Agarwal
2006 Ashish Shrestha
2007 Chiranjeevi Chandran
2008 Abhinav Kumar
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