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Edenfalls, St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.jpg
Proximal To Cross Dorm
Other Names St. Andrew's School
Status Non-Functional

Edenfalls, or formerly, St. Andrew's School is located on the way down from School's main entrance to Cedar Inn. St. Paul's never owned the Edenfalls property. Though it stands in ruins today, it has served the school in the past as its Primary Wing, and then Infirmary.


During 1968-1971 it was an independent primary school called St.Andrew's.[1] Thereafter in 1977, St. Paul's took over St. Andrew's & the property on lease as its Primary Wing. Mr. David Howard, became the head when school took over. This was also the time when during Mr Dang's tenure, the school's own Primary Wing was being conceived and built.

After present PW was completed, Edenfalls became the Infirmary. Lefroy which was the Infirmary till then was converted into Physics and Biology laboratories (Chemistry lab was at present Lecture hall). Thereafter, Millennium (Howard) Block was built to house labs amongst others and Lefroy reverted to being Infirmary.

By now the lease of Edenfalls had also expired and school gave it up entirely.

MI Room[edit]

When Edenfalls became the infirmary, Dr Sharma and his wife joined as the resident Doctor and Sister respectively. Sister Moktan, the existing Lefroy Infirmary Sister remained in the senior school, now incharge of a newly opened MI Room/dispensary on the edge of the Top Field below the Cotton Hall bathroom block on the junior school side.[2]


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