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Cotton Hall

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Cotton Hall from Quadrangle side, St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.JPG
The Cotton Hall (first floor) with Prep Hall and classrooms on ground floor.
Proximal To Quadrangle, Top Field
Founded In 1898
Founder Richard Carter
Wing Senior Wing
Named After Bishop Cotton
Status Functional

Cotton Hall dormitory is located in Senior wing on the first floor of the Building demarcating Top Field from the Quadrangle. Cotton and Milman Halls were conceived and completed, coinciding with the end of Mr. Carter’s tenure in 1898. Earlier, the site where these buildings now stand was a large mound, called "Green Hill", a favorite place for watching cricket matches on the Top Field. Tradition was followed, to name the school buildings, after the Bishops of Calcutta. Hence Cotton Hall was named after Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton (Lord Bishop of Calcutta 1858-1866).



Cotton Hall serves as a dormitory for the students of classes 9 and 10 as well as houses the cubicles of two prefects from the VIth Form. It is the largest in the Senior Wing and has its own TV with the only other place having a TV being the Rahoul room. There is a Hall Master's flat adjacent to the dorm that has a separate staircase leading to it as well as one via the dorm. There's a row of lockers in the middle partitioning the dorm into a top field facing side and a Quad facing side. There are also two Linen rooms.

Ground Floor[edit]

For details of the school auditorium, visit Prep Hall

The ground floor (below Cotton Hall) has the Prep Hall which is used as the school auditorium (and hence requires the dorm above to stay out of bounds during a concert lest the sound of boys playing upstairs affects the ambience of Prep Hall). A corridor runs the entire length of the centre section of the building, directly below the Dormitory Section on 1st Floor. There are 4 classrooms (2 having their doors facing the corridor, 1 towards Junior Wing and 1 facing Milman Hall).[1]


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