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Brain of St. Paul's

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Level Inter House
Wing Senior Wing
Event Date Three, equally spaced events over the course of the year
Description For the individual Prize and house Quiz Cup

This event is both, an Inter House and an Individual[1] competition. This is a formal quiz competition hosted by a quiz master. There are three rounds held over the course of the academic year.


  • Each house is represented by four students in the quiz. At the end of the three rounds, the house with the highest number of points (combined total) wins the Quizzing Cup.
  • The boy with the maximum number of individual points is awarded the Major Bhatnagar Brain of St. Paul's Prize on Speech Day.
  • The quizzes are conducted in the Prep Hall with the Junior Wing and Senior Wing in attendance. The subjects covered in the quizzes are the usual ones as in the quizzes on TV, and also has audio/audiovisual rounds as well. In the third round of the quiz, there was a round of specialization, where each student was asked 12 questions on a topic of his choice (the students provided the quiz master with their respective topics about two to three weeks in advance).

The Cup[edit]

The Brain of St. Paul's cup is awarded at the end of year GHD (Going Home Dinner) to the house with the maximum points scored over all the three rounds.


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